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"Ryan Landscaping and Lawn Care had its beginning in the entrepreneurial pursuits of Joe Ryan III at age 12 mowing a few lawns in his neighborhood. Investing some of his earnings into new equipment he grew the business through high school and hired friends to sustain it while he was away at college. Joe's last semester as a business management major at Providence College would normally be an internship with a company. Joe was able to convince his department head to allow him to set up a business model for his own landscaping operation. He took that model to local banks, obtained financing, purchased a truck and other equipment and booked a whole summer's worth of projects (and an A for the course) before graduation. Thus began Ryan Landscaping and Lawn Care, fulfilling Joe's desire to own his own business and remain here in the Berkshires.

In the 17 years since, the business has grown and expanded steadily and Joe has become an active Chamber member. Plowing operations now keep his fleet of trucks busy throughout the year. Property maintenance for large commercial organizations that include manufacturers, retail centers, service operations, and housing complexes throughout Western Massachusetts keep his crews busy in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley.

The ever increasing mulching operation resulted in the forming of a new subsidiary called Quick Mulch Inc. This company purchased a specialized mulch spreading truck that can increase productivity tenfold and allows them to provide mulching services to many businesses and condo/timeshare projects as well as private homes in a timely manner during a limited season.

But for all the growth and expansion, there are still one or two crews pulling out most summer mornings with mowing equipment and on their route they will mow some of the same lawns that Joe did as a teenager.

And the landscaping operation is still the part of the business that Joe enjoys the most. There is a definite trend for people to stay in their homes longer and enhance their property. This coupled with the growing second home market in the Berkshires creates a large demand. Utilizing the latest computer imaging technology Joe can exercise his skills in landscape design and installation. From trees and plants, rock gardens and stone walls, patios and walkways, waterscape ponds, falls and streams, even outdoor model railroads, the yard is becoming, more and more, extended living space, and Ryan Landscaping and Lawn Care provides full service from design to completion and maintenance. The company also grows many of the "Proven Winner" flowers and plants it uses in its own greenhouse and nursery, and supplies several local landscapers with plants as well.

A third company, Green Thumb Realty, owns the business properties including the shop area which houses the equipment, maintenance building and nursery and greenhouse; and the company headquarters which is located at 10 Goodrich Street in Pittsfield."

-Joe Ryan II, proud father